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Welcome To The Online Gym

It is so great to have you in the Online Gym! I am really excited to have you on board and I can’t wait to help you personally achieve health and wellness.

To get off to the right start here are some places in the online gym for you to check out. Remember I am here anytime you need so get in touch. If you need a hand with your nutrition I am just an email away. Also if you need a hand to plan your ideal week I can help you with that also. Don’t ever hesitate to get in touch as I am always keen to hear from you.

First off I would love to introduce you to my philosophy around wellness with our 30 Days Of Wellness Program. Here you will be introduced to the Wheel Of Wellness and will be given information to build a really solid foundation of wellness.

You can combine this program with others if you choose or simply start here and work your way through the information.

Learn more about the program here and get started today by doing the intial questionnaire.


Link Your Facebook Account

By linking your facebook account to your Online Gym account will allow you to login in future with a single click of the Facebook Login button that you saw the first time you logged in (and that you may have clicked on and it didn’t work. Once you link your Facebook account it will then work).

Your Facebook profile image will automatically be used for your Online Gym profile image. You can change this in future if you like.

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If you don’t want to link your Facebook profile to the Online Gym, you can still change your password to your choice. You can do that [buddylink bllink=”settings” bltext=”here”] or below…


Step 2 – Introduce Yourself In The Forum

The forum is a really great way to discuss ideas, ask questions, get some advice or just provide encouragement and share successes. It is also a great way for you to help others. So often we have the same or similar problems or experiences, and we can learn a lot from each other.

Introduce yourself here.

Use this forum to help get educated, informed and inspired. Ask questions and get involved. This is where you can post questions and feedback.

If you think others would benefit from your question then ask it in the forum. Likewise if you see someone post a question and you know the answer or have an experience to share, then please do! I want to know what you thought about workouts, and how much you couldn’t walk the next day 🙂 I want to know if you have a love/hate relationship with burpees! This is a great place to write it because others will see it and it will be great inspiration for everyone.

If you have a more personal question, you can just email me at [email protected]


Step 3 – Join The Online Gym Private Facebook Group

Love facebook? Want more support and motivation? Then make sure you join the Online Gym members-only facebook group as well! Same as the forum inside the Online Gym, you can connect with other members, share stories, challenges, find workout buddies in your area, make friends etc. Let’s create an amazing foreverfit Online Gym community!

Click here to get access to the link as well as local online gym groups near you. 


Step 4 – Move Onto The 7 Day Kick Start

This program is the best place to carry on from the 30 Days Of Wellness especially if you are brand new to exercise. It guides you through step by step over 7 days to really help kick start your wellness journey. Everything from beginner workouts through to little tips you can install to bring more energy to your week. Click here to get started.


Step 5 – Check out our BR30 Program

This program is a great place to follow up with after the 7 day kick start, it gives you everything you need to help you on your health and wellness journey. Nutrition, meal plans, grocery lists and so much more. Included are weekly checkins with me and we go into more detail to help you make wiser choices with your food and your exercise. Click here to get started on the 30 Day Body Renovation


Step 6 – Your Nutrition

Another great place for you to head to is the Nutrition part of this site and read all the posts in the Nutrition topic getting started. This will give you all the information you need to help you improve your diet and your lifestyle. Take a look at your sleep, timing of your meals, digestion and more.

Click here to go to Getting Started 

Once you feel you have come to grasps with all this new information and you are ready to take your nutrition further, you then head into the Nutrition fine tune your diet part of the site. Make sure however you have read everything under the getting started page, so you have a good understanding of changes you need to make. This way you will get the most out of this questionnaire. When you fill out this questionnaire you will get an automated response guiding you to where you should put your focus on. You will get a graph with areas that are a high priority. Focus on this area along with all the information under getting started.

Click here to go to Nutrition and Lifestyle Questionnaire information page

Then if you want to find out a little bit more about your nutrition you can do the metabolic type questionnaire. This will help you discover the sorts of foods you operate best with and help you create your ideal balanced meal. You will then find out all the information regarding your results on the website.

Click here to head to Your Metabolic Type Questionnaire

There is loads of information under Nutrition and Fine Tuning Your Diet, so take your time to read up and start to make the right food choices for you. You will find articles on foods to eat, kitchen pantry clean up, how much carbohydrates, timing of meals, truth about your poop and so much more. To keep things really simple and to avoid getting overwhelmed with information, stick to the getting started area of the website first. Get a really good grasp on the foods that are good to eat, then when you feel ready to learn more, you know there is loads of information here for you.


Fitness Programs

Over the years I have developed many programs. Everything from out LIVE Online Bootcamps and Yoga Retreats, through to fat burner, post natal or pre natal programs and even a skin health program and even our Dressage Rider Training Program. There is something for all levels and most fitness goals. Each program has a different focus, so if you have a specific goal or you have joined up for our current program, check them all out under programs in the main menu above.


See Whats new With Our Weekly Schedule

Every week there are new videos loaded up into the Online Gym and I also post up a weekly schedule over the period of the year when we aren't running our live programs. This is where you will find alot of online gym members doing these workouts each and every week. So if you can't decide what program to do and you just want to get going, join in on the weekly schedules and stay up to date with me as I share whats going on for me along with things I am doing to be inspired and motivated. Go to this weeks schedule here. 


Ask For Help

If you are not sure where to start, or would like some advice on customising your own plan, you can just ask me in the forum or email me at [email protected] and I can help you.


Take A Holistic Approach

How you manage your day and how you think has a huge impact on your health. Real health and wellness takes a holistic approach, with everything inter-connected including physical, mental and emotional.

You have resources in the Online Gym to help get yourself into the right mindset and improve your mental and emotional state. There are meditation videos, webinars and lifestyle articles that can help you with this.


Remember - I Am Here To Help You

I hope this has helped you get off to the best possible start. Remember to get in touch anytime you have a question, problem, concern or thought. I want to help you in your journey and give the advice, support and encouragement that you need.

It is so great to have you as part of the Foreverfit community, let's do this!


Helping you to become foreverfit



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    Thank you looking forward to this

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    Hello, I am glad to have found your site. I hope to go on a health journey with you. Thank you, Eamonn

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    Hi, great to be here Can I leave a before photograph of myself along with my initial fitness test and measurements?

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    Looking forward to being part of this program!

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