Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the certain areas of foreverfit.tv website that are outlined to protect both you and us from any possible problems.

Online Gym Membership and General Personal Training Services Terms and Conditions

Our responsibilities: All our workouts will always be designed by fully qualified physical trainers with suitable experience. We will not bend on this as we want to provide our customers with the best quality training and fitness workouts possible. We will do our utmost best to challenge you, motivate you, to make your health and fitness journey fun and exciting.

Our non-responsibilities: Everything on the foreverfit.tv website, including video, written and photographed, is the opinion of the author (Nicola Reilly and any other authors that may appear from time to time) and is their opinion only and is not considered gospel, legal or binding. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for any injury or illness when providing fitness workouts and nutrition advice. God forbid this should never happen, we just need to cover ourselves by stating this in our terms and conditions for you using this website.

Your responsibilities: You promise to give it the best of your ability, to push yourself in workouts and commit to making yourself fitter, stronger and healthier. Should you do this and have the right mindset, you will most certainly start to see the results for your efforts. You also promise to be a respectful member, respecting other members of the Online Gym, especially when using the Online Gym forum. We reserve the right to terminate your access to the forum if you do not abide by these rules.


Company Information

Foreverfit.tv and the Online Gym are a part of Bornz Limited which is a registered company in New Zealand, and as such, is governed by New Zealand laws. Any losses that arise cannot exceed the amount that was paid for services provided.

All products are listed in US Dollars, however if you wish you may change the currency and pay in Australian dollars or New Zealand dollar equivalent of the USD value.

Company address:

Bornz Limited

17e Nga Parae Road,
New Zealand

Contact Details
Ph: +64 221 358 748


Returns and Refunds Policy

We do not offer a return or refund policy, simply because all our products are electronic based and can be copied easily. We stand by our products 100% and know that they provide extremely good value for money. Further, we either offer a very generous free version of the product, or alternatively we offer the first 1/3 of the product for free before purchasing. This way you as the customer can experience the product, and know that what you are going to be receiving is of a very high standard. We know that you trust us to deliver you what we say we will.

If at any stage you as cardholder would like to terminate your membership from a subscription-based product, you may do so from the admin section of the specific membership. A link will be provided where you may be given the option to unsubscribe and cancel any further payments.


Activity Tracking Data

By connecting an activity tracking device to the Online Gym website, you agree to the following:
– having your steps taken per day/week/month to show on the Online Gym website where other members will see it.

We promise to:
– never sell your activity data that will individually identify you.
– never show your heart rate data to others


Customer Service

For all customer service, you may contact us at any stage by the following means:

email: support @ foreverfit.tv

Please note: “Foreverfit.tv” will appear on any cardholder statements for payments made through this website.


By using the Online Gym website you agree with these Terms and Conditions.